Activities & Buddies

There are plenty of opportunities for social contacts! These initiatives include sports, activities for children and adults, social networks for newcomers and websites that match ‘buddies’ with refugees from Ukraine.

  • Buddies
    • NLvoorelkaar
      The platform connects everyone who wants to help with someone who needs something. From the neighbor on the corner, local or national foundations, to companies and the government.

      People can ask for help on the platform, who are then actively matched with the community of approximately 170,000 volunteers. Refugees can also place a request for help here and people who want to help can place an offer that can be actively responded to by anyone looking for help, such as a buddy, friendship or language buddy.

      Click here for the offers Apeldoorn.

    • Learn Dutch
      At ‘Het Begint met Taal’, you can find a voluntary language coach (one-to-one or in a group) throughout the Netherlands. A language coach will practice Dutch with you as a ‘language buddy’ in a language café or online. The main aim of language coaching is to enable you to participate in society. Go to website
  • Activities
    Ukrainians for Dinner

    Ukranians for Dinner offers you the opportunity to visit Dutch people at home, cook together, chat together and eat together with them. This way, you can experience some warmth in a domestic environment.

  • Leisure time

    Are you looking for fun activities in your spare time? On this page you can find more information.

    • Reading Ukrainian Books
      In collaboration with the Dutch libraries, Odilo offers a free app with more than 3.000 e-books, audiobooks and learning opportunities, in Ukrainian and English. There are also books for children. You can download the app for IOS and Android.
      Go to website.
    • (Local) Libraries
      Dutch libraries offer a wide range of reading, learning and resource materials for refugees from Ukraine, including free physical and digital reading materials and language assistance. You can also find a quiet place to work and study in the library. You can inquire about the possibilities at your local library or visit this website for more information. Go to Website
    • CSV Apeldoorn playing soccer on Wednesday afternoon
      CSV Apeldoorn offers the possibilty to come and play soccer on Wednesday afternoon. Check the website of CSV Apeldoorn or send them an email:
    • Free Karate Training SKVE for Ukrainian Refugees. SKVE offers free karate training. For more information, check out their website.
    • Use of gym at the Jacobus Fruytierschool
      If you want to use the gym of the Jacobus Fruytier School, please contact them. Here’s the link to them website.
    • Playing tennis at tennis club De Sprenkelaar
      If you would like to use the tennis courts of Tennisclub De Sprenkelaar, please contact us. The contact details are on this website.
    • Tennis club Vego
      On registration, tennis club Vego organizes an activity especially for refugees. Contact them through their website.
    • Dio Ugchelen
      Dio in Ugchelen organizes dance, gymnastics, street dance and judo sessions. Contact them through their website.
    • WWNA football
      WWNA provides afternoons through sports and games. Contact them through their website.
    • KDO
      Provides dance, gymnastics, trampolining, freerunning and gymnastics. Contact them through their website.
    • The Gym
      The Gym provides kickboxing lessons for refugees. Contact them through their website.
    • Sports service Apeldoorn
      Sportservice Apeldoorn offers activities for refugees. Includes guidance and materials. Get in touch via their  website.
  • Online media

    Several groups have been set up on social media – Facebook, Viber, WhatsApp and Telegram – to help refugees from Ukraine in the Netherlands.

    • Telegram-channel
      For refugees Daily updates, news, tips and information about your stay in the Netherlands are shared via this Telegram channel.
    • Faceboekgroep for refugees
      In this Facebook group, refugees from Ukraine help each other with questions about finding work, housing, education and other relevant information.
    • Net in Nederland
      Net in Nederland is an online platform for newcomers. The platform helps newcomers to find their way in Dutch society with videos and stories. The stories are about history, culture and society. Go to website
    • BNR Podcast
      The podcast “Ukrayina” offers you practical information about life in the Netherlands in Russian, Ukrainian and English. In this podcast, Victoria Koblenko answers practical questions such as looking for a job and applying for a social security number. Are you curious? Click on the link below to listen to the podcast. Go to website.