Babies and children

Where can I buy diapers and baby milk and who organizes children’s activities? Answers to these and other questions related to babies and children can be found here.

  • Vaccinaties voor baby’s en kinderen

    In the Netherlands, children between 0-18 years are vaccinated for free against a number of infectious diseases. Refugees from Ukraine must be vaccinated against polio, measles and rubella as soon as possible upon arrival in the Netherlands. More information about health risks and vaccinations can be found on the Pharos website. There are also several links to other websites with more information.

  • Diapers and milk

    In most supermarkets and drugstores, such as Etos, Kruidvat, DA-drogist, you can buy diapers and baby milk. The powdered milk that is available in Dutch stores is safe for your baby.

  • Activities and sport

    Volunteer activities are organized at childcare locations in Apeldoorn through initiatives such as TeamUp (sports activities for children via Unicef). Inquire about the possibilities at your reception location.