Food and Clothes

Need food, clothing or other items? These places and organizations in the Netherlands can help you further.

  • Important information


    In Apeldoorn there are many possibilities to obtain food and clothing. For example, refugees can go to various organizations for the most important foodstuffs, including the Food Bank. For all information and initiatives you can look under the headings  Fooden Clothing and other goods.

    Drinking water

    Throughout the Netherlands, the water from the tap is purified and therefore absolutely safe to drink.

  • Food

    Food Bank

    The Food Bank of the Netherlands distributes food parcels to refugees from Ukraine in various municipalities. For questions, it is best to contact the Voedselbank in Apeldoorn.


    The largest supermarket chains in Apeldoorn for daily shopping, with branches throughout the country, are: Albert Heijn, Jumbo, Aldi, SPAR, Lidl, Coop, PLUS, Dirk, DekaMarkt and Deen. There is also a Polish supermarket in Apeldoorn. you find it here.


  • Clothing and other goods

    Clothes bank (kledingbank)

    The Clothing Bank is an organization that passes on reusable clothing/footwear and linen to people who desperately need it, but can no longer afford it. Here you will find the clothing bank in Apeldoorn.

    Stichting Whoe

    De Werkgroep Hulptransporten Oost-Europa is a group of volunteers that cares about the fate of children and the elderly in Eastern Europe. The working group is located in Apeldoorn. If you need clothing, you can report there, after making an appointment.

    Thrift store (Kringloopwinkel)

    In a thrift store you will find cheap items and second-hand clothing. Through the below link you will find the Thrift Shop in Apeldoorn.

    Online Marketplaces

    You can find cheap or even free stuff through various websites. Marktplaats is a national website where you can get in touch with people in your area who sell second-hand items (such as bicycles, mobile phones, clothing or furniture) or give them away for free. You can also get in touch with people who give away things cheaply or for free on Facebook. This can be done via Facebook Marketplace. In addition, there are many Facebook groups where members sell stuff or give away for free. These are often regional initiatives.

    Facebook group Ukraine refugees NL

    This Facebook group is intended to bring refugees from Ukraine in contact with Dutch people who want to help. This can be any way of helping. Think of donating stuff, doing volunteer work and other initiatives.