Are you in contact with someone from Ukraine who does not have a place to sleep and therefore needs emergency shelter at the moment? Then contact.

City Hall Apeldoorn

During working hours:

Phone 14055
E-mail: gemeente@apeldoorn.nl

Red Cross

Outside office hours and on weekends:
By phone & WhatsApp 06-48158053

  • Particuliere opvang (zoals gastgezinnen)
    • Registered with the municipality

      If you registered with the municipality of Apeldoorn because you wanted to take refugees from Ukraine into your home, Pactum has contacted you. The municipality has asked Pactum to screen the potential host families and the accommodation offered. An employee of Pactum also conducts intake interviews with the Ukrainian refugees. Have Ukrainian refugees come to live with you? Then after 10 weeks there is an evaluation moment to see whether you want to continue together or whether the placement will be terminated.

      With this working method, the municipality believes that contacts can be created that are also promising for a longer period of time.

    • Signed in to Takecarebnb
    • Have you registered with Takecarebnb as a host family? Then the screening by Takecarebnb may have already taken place. Because the municipality works together with Pactum, you will not receive any guests. You can still report to the municipality via oekraïne@apeldoorn.nl, so that Pactum can make an appointment with you for an intake. Please note, this only applies if you have already signed up with Takecarebnb.
    • Reception places for 4 or more refugees
      At the moment there are more than enough host families in Apeldoorn who can receive 1 or 2 refugees in their own home. We do see that there is a need for private shelters for 4 or more refugees. If you have the opportunity to receive 4 or more refugees, you can report to the municipality via oekraine@apeldoorn.nl.
  • Safety
    • I don’t feel safe with my host household
      Are you in immediate danger? Then call 112. If you do not feel safe with your host household, you can contact an aid organization. On the page of Safety you can find the appropriate aid organization for your situation. They provide assistance, information, mediation and more. If in doubt, you can always contact the Safe Home helpline on 0800-2000. In addition, you can always report to the municipal reception if you no longer want to stay with your host household.