Are you in danger and need immediate help? Call 112. The government website states when you should and should not call. But above all, err on the side of caution! Don’t you feel safe? In the Netherlands there are a number of organizations where you can go. Do not hesitate and contact us.

Police, ambulance and fire brigade:

For emergencies and emergencies: call 112

For urgent cases and questions: 0900-884

For the hard of hearing or deaf (text phone): 0900-1844

For (anonymous) reporting of crimes: 0800-7000

  • Air raid siren and NL-alert
    • Air raid siren
      On the first Monday of the month, the government tests the air raid siren at 12:00 noon, with a siren lasting about 1.5 minutes. Then nothing is wrong, you don’t have to do anything. Any other time when the sirens blare multiple times in succession, there is an emergency. You must then immediately go in and close windows and doors.
    • NL-Alert
      In addition to the air raid siren, the NL-Alert is also used in the Netherlands. NL-Alert is the alarm message you receive in a life and health-threatening emergency via your mobile phone. The message provides instructions and updates on the conditions. A test message will be sent throughout the Netherlands at 12:00 on 13 June 2022. For more information about NL-Alert, see this link.
  • Safe at home

    Do you not feel safe with your host family or in your reception location? Call: 0800 2000.  Safe at home offers a listening ear and advises where you can go for help.