Do you have questions about traveling within the Netherlands or within Europe? On this page you will find information about traveling to the Netherlands, the public transport system within the Netherlands, cars and assistance with returning to your own country.

  • Traveling to and from the Netherlands

    Can Ukrainians travel in the free term?

    Ukrainians with a biometric passport can travel freely to the Netherlands and stay in the Netherlands for 90 days without a residence permit. This is the free term. You can travel to other EU countries if you are still in your free period. You may then be in the European Union for a maximum of 90 days within a 180-day period. It is then possible, for example, to seek protection in another EU country. Has your free term expired and you do not yet have proof of residence? You may then travel and return to the Netherlands, but this is at your own risk. The IND will not give you a visa to travel back to the Netherlands.

    Can Ukrainians travel without proof of residence?

    If your free term has expired and you do not yet have proof of residence, you travel at your own risk.

    If you have a valid biometric passport with a proof of residence, then you can travel as a Ukrainian within the European Union. You can also travel to and from Ukraine. You cannot retrieve this proof yet. Note: If you will receive a  pass instead of a sticker as proof of residence? Then you cannot travel with this. This pass is not a travel document.

    Can Ukrainians travel outside the EU?

    Traveling outside the EU is at your own risk. You will not receive a visa from the IND to travel back to the Netherlands. Not even if you will soon have proof of residence.

    Mogen niet-Oekraïners reizen?

    Heb je een andere nationaliteit dan de Oekraïense? Dan is reizen binnen en buiten de EU op eigen risico. De IND geeft je geen terugkeervisum, waarmee je kan aantonen dat je weer in Nederland mag zijn. Ook niet als je straks een bewijs van verblijf hebt.

    Mogen vluchtelingen uit Oekraïne vanuit een ander EU-land naar Nederland reizen?

    Als vluchtelingen uit Oekraïne tijdelijke bescherming genieten, worden zij niet teruggestuurd naar een ander EU-land waar zij eerder verbleven. Oekraïners die voor 27 november 2021 al in een ander EU-land waren en pas daarna naar Nederland zijn gereisd, moeten waarschijnlijk wél terugkeren naar het EU-land waar zij eerder verbleven.

    Wat zijn de gevolgen van reizen zonder bewijs van verblijf?

    Als je nog geen bewijs van verblijf in Nederland hebt, raden wij aan om, indien mogelijk, niet naar het buitenland te reizen. Er zijn berichten dat sommige Oekraïners die voor een kort bezoek teruggegaan zijn naar Oekraïne zonder bewijs van verblijf in Nederland bij de grens van Polen worden tegengehouden.

    Wat zijn de gevolgen van reizen voor het ontvangen van leefgeld en onderdak?

    Het kan verschillen per gemeente wat de consequenties zijn van een tijdelijk verblijf in het buitenland voor het ontvangen van leefgeld en opvang bij terugkeer in Nederland. Vraag bij de gemeente waar je ingeschreven staat voor meer informatie.

    Kan ik een reisverzekering afsluiten in Nederland?

    Ja dat kan. Als je bent ingeschreven in de BRP en een zorgverzekering hebt afgesloten kan je meestal een reisverzekering afsluiten. Let wel op dat de voorwaarden voor het afsluiten van een reisverzekering per verzekeringsmaatschappij kunnen verschillen. Wil je een reisverzekering afsluiten? Neem dan contact op met een gewenste verzekeringsmaatschappij voor de specifieke voorwaarden.

    Wat zijn de coronaregels voor inreizenden?

    Een bewijs dat je bent gevaccineerd tegen COVID-19 of een negatieve test zijn geen vereisten om Nederland binnen te komen. Luchtvaartmaatschappijen kunnen wel een test- en/of vaccinatiebewijs eisen.

  • Passport

    Apply for a passport

    If you want to apply for a passport, you must do so at the consular service of the Ukrainian embassy in the Netherlands. For this you have to make an appointment with the Embassy. For more information, see the pinned post (in Ukrainian) at the top of the  Facebook-page of the Ukrainian embassy.

    Extend passport

    You can also renew your passport at the Ukrainian embassy. For that you go to the visiting hours of the  embassy. This service is free. For more information, see the pinned post (in Ukrainian) at the top of the  Facebook-page.

  • Traveling within the Netherlands

    The Netherlands has an extensive network of public transport. The services below can help you find your way in the Netherlands, by bus, tram or train. In general, you only need one OV card, which you can use to check in and out with any carrier. There are special arrangements for refugees from Ukraine, as described below. On the website  Expatica you will find a short introduction to public transport in the Netherlands.

    Termination of free travel right on local public transport

    From June 1, 2022, the temporary arrangement for local public transport for refugees from Ukraine will expire. You are then no longer allowed to travel for free on the day of arrival and you must therefore purchase a valid ticket. You can do this by buying a ticket from the carrier or by purchasing an OV-chipkaart, see the heading “Applications for an OV-chipkaart”. As a schoolchild or student, you can request free transport, contact the municipality where you are staying. Please note: free entry to the Netherlands is still allowed with NS trains, see the heading below.

    Traveling by train (NS)

    On the day of arrival In the Netherlands you can travel for free on the NS trains. This is possible on presentation of your Ukrainian ID and a German, Belgian, French or Austrian ticket that is not older than 24 hours. With this proof you can pick up a free day ticket at the Tickets and Service counters at the (larger) NS train stations.

    If you want to travel by train in the Netherlands, the NS offers various subscriptions. With this you can, for example, travel with a discount. On  the website of the NS you can order a subscription.

    Traveling with the OV chip card

    With the OV chip card you can travel through the Netherlands on all public transport. You can buy the OV chip card at stations, in various shops and supermarkets, but also online. More information about applying for the card can be found on this website.

    Children, young people and the elderly in public transport

    Children between the ages of 4 and 11 can travel for free by train with an OV chip card Kids for free arrangement. Purchasing an OV chip card is required for this. In the rest of public transport (bus, tram, metro) they get a 34% discount. Children up to the age of 3 travel for free on all public transport.

    Young people between the ages of 12 and 18 can travel with the train with a discount outside rush hour Youth Day Ticket. This Day ticket costs €7.60 and can be purchased exclusively in the NS app. In the rest of the public transport they pay the same as adults.

    The elderly (65+) do not receive a discount on the train, but they do receive a discount on other public transport. Just like children between the ages of 4 and 11, they receive a 34% discount.

    More information about a discount in public transport can be found at The website of the OV-chipcard.

    Travelplanner 9292

    You can find out how to get to your destination by public transport on the 9292 website. Enter your current location and desired destination, and the service will show you which bus, tram, or train to take. 9292 is also available as an app for your smartphone.


    You can easily rent bicycles from the NS. This is possible at many train stations. You pay €4.15 per bike per 24 hours. More information can be found on the website of  NS. You can also buy a second-hand bicycle through online marketplaces or Facebook groups.

  • Car

    Due to the complicated legal position of refugees from Ukraine, much is still unclear about cars and insurance. It is possible that the rules regarding liability insurance are still being adjusted. We recommend that you wait for the developments and contact the insurer in case of problems.

    Driving in the Netherlands

    On this website you will find information about the validity of your foreign driving license, road tax, insurance, traffic regulations and parking in the Netherlands.

    Car insurance

    With regard to third-party liability insurance, some cars from Ukraine are only insured in Ukraine. Refugees who have come to the Netherlands with their own car must in that case take out supplementary insurance. Insurer de Vereende has a  insurance solution in the form of a Short Term Insurance, whereby you receive third-party liability cover for a maximum of 3 months.

    In addition,  Allianz a free short-term insurance policy for refugees from Ukraine in various transit countries in Europe. For refugees it is sometimes also possible to contact their own (or another) insurer in Ukraine. A number of Ukrainian insurers are still active. They can issue insurance policies with coverage for the whole of Europe and at a more favorable rate. Expiring insurance policies may also be extended. See the website below for more information.

    Exchange Ukrainian driver’s license

    Unfortunately, it is not possible to exchange a Ukrainian driver’s license for a Dutch driver’s license. However, as a refugee with a Ukrainian driver’s license you can drive for 185 days in the Netherlands. After this period you have to take another exam at the CBR (Central Bureau for Driving Skills) to obtain the Dutch driving license. It is also not possible in the Netherlands to replace an old Ukrainian driver’s license with a new Ukrainian driver’s license.

    Tax on motor vehicles

    Did you take your car from Ukraine to the Netherlands? On the site of the tax authorities you will find all information about the rules for taxes and your motor vehicle with a foreign registration number.

    Traffic rules

    It is important that you know how to act in traffic situations in the Netherlands to prevent accidents. In this  PDF-document you will find the traffic rules and signs in a handy overview.