Work & Income

Do you have questions about work and income in the Netherlands? These resources will help you on your way.

  • Working in the Netherlands

    Can refugees from Ukraine work?

    The government grants refugees from Ukraine (also younger than 18 years) an exemption for a work permit who want to become an employee. For that you have to fall under the temporary protection directive. You are advised to register with the municipality where you are staying. In addition, refugees need a proof of residence and a BSN to be able to work. Please note: proof of residence is not required until September 1, 2022. Refugees then need a Ukrainian passport, identity card or proof from the Ukrainian embassy. Or a Ukrainian residence permit or Ukrainian recognition as a refugee that was valid on February 23, 2022. Employers must contact the Employee Insurance Agency (UWV) as soon as possible and report that they have employed a refugee from Ukraine. Go to the website of the central government for more information.

    UWV (Institute for Employee Insurance)

    Are you looking for work in the Netherlands? As a refugee you can get a job via regular private routes (eg through employment agencies). From 1 July 2022, refugees with Ukrainian nationality can also be helped by the UWV and municipalities to find a job. You can also contact this government institution if you want to know whether you are entitled to a benefit, if you want to apply for it or if you have questions about illness during work. At the moment, refugees without Ukrainian nationality cannot yet be helped by the UWV.

    I have a job. Is there an insurance obligation for me?

    The rule is that you must have health insurance if you work in the Netherlands. We call this the insurance obligation. While this health insurance obligation remains, it will no longer be enforced in the case of refugees from Ukraine. As of August 1, 2022, as a refugee from Ukraine you no longer need to have health insurance if you work. Your healthcare costs will then be reimbursed from the RMO. Have you received a warning letter from the CAK, stating that you must take out health insurance within 3 months? Please contact the CAK.

  • Living money

    How much living allowance do refugees from Ukraine receive?

    Since 1 April, refugees from Ukraine (including refugees without Ukrainian nationality) can claim €260 living allowance, per person per month. Registration in the BRP (Basic Registration of Persons) is not a condition for receiving living allowance.

    Please note: municipalities may pay out part of the living allowance in kind, for example if meals are offered in reception centres. As a result, refugees in some municipalities may receive (much) less living allowance. See, among other things, the Kamerbrief of March 30 and Article 6 et seq. of the Regeling Opvang Ontheemden Oekraïne (ROO).

    Extra allowance

    Refugees who live with a host family receive an extra allowance in addition to the living allowance. Adults receive € 215 per month, children € 55. This money can be used for, for example, public transport, family visits or sports. Refugees can also use the money to contribute to the costs of the host family, but this is not mandatory. If several refugees are accommodated in a host family, they are each entitled to living allowance. There is no maximum amount per host family.


    3 to 6 months

    The Government has decided to grant living allowance for a period of three months, with an extension to six months. In the meantime, we are looking at how the payment of living allowances can be organized in the future for refugees who do not have a job.